The Somerford Arms


Someford Arms, The Hill (Bottom), Little Somerford, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN15 5JP

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Updated in June 2023 to reflect our latest visit. (First Visit: January 2023)

The Dish

“Cornish Haddock, Doom Bar batter, triple cooked chips, burnt lemon, mushy peas, curry, tartare sauce”, £17.00 (££)

Great Fish & Chips, cooked excellently.


We liked

  • Fresh fish, cooked perfectly
  • A nice portion of minty peas
  • Very crispy chips

We’d change

  • Batter a little too crispy

Our full review

The Somerford Arms is a charming establishment that knows how to deliver a satisfying fish and chips experience with its fresh fish, minty peas, and crispy chips. While there were a few minor drawbacks, the dining experience warrants a solid 4-star rating.

The Somerford Arms prides itself on serving the freshest fish. The fish was succulent, moist, and had a delicate flavour. The fish was undoubtedly the star of the show, and it’s safe to say that The Somerford Arms understands the importance of its ingredients. The batter was very rich, although a little crispy.

One standout element of the meal was the minty peas. The mint added a refreshing twist to the peas, elevating them from a simple side to a memorable accompaniment. The combination of the vibrant green peas with the aromatic hint of mint created a perfect balance of flavours to complemented the fish and chips.

The Somerford Arms exudes a charming and cosy atmosphere. The staff were friendly and contributed to a very pleasant dining experience.

Overall, The Somerford Arms in Little Somerford is a noteworthy destination for fish and chips enthusiasts. With its emphasis on fresh fish, minty peas, and crispy chips, the establishment delivers a satisfying meal that captures the essence of traditional British cuisine. The overall quality of the food, coupled with the friendly atmosphere, makes them a worthy contender in the world of fish and chips. Highly recommended. Verdict – 4 Stars.

Chips: Fat Chips

Peas: Mushy

Service Speed: Moderate

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