How do we review restaurants?

We believe that transparency is really important. That’s why this page details our Reviewal Process for restaurants and other Fish & Chips establishments.

Who do we review?

We review a variety of restaurants, chippies, takeaways, and other food places that serve Fish & Chips. We review all different types and takes on the British Classic, as long as it meets the below requirements.


Restaurants can be awarded 0-5 Stars, where 0 is utterly terrible and 5 is flawless. Half stars may also be awarded.

Rating Process

When determining ratings, we only consider the Fish & Chips. The three key components we review are the Fish (and its batter), the chips and the mushy peas. All three components are required for a 4.5 or 5 star rating. Any other components served on or with the main course will also be reviewed and may be included in the rating. Starters and deserts are reviewed but will not be included in the rating.

Reviewal includes, but is not limited to: the freshness, how well it is cooked (flakiness of the fish), the quality of the ingredients, the methodology used to cook the fish/batter, the type and taste of the batter, mushy peas and chips.

No set percentage is given for individual components and the rating is a wholistic review of the entire dish. A condensed version of our reviewal notes are made available online but the comments (and volume of the comments) do not correspond to the rating.

The speed of service, restaurant atmosphere, price point, type of restaurant and other dishes that we taste do not directly affect the rating, except for when fish awards are given. However, all of these factors will be included in the review.

Reviews are the opinion of the reviewer and their decision is final. Reviews and ratings will not be changed in retrospect or upon request. However, we will try to comply with an re-reviewal requests. The latest review will be considered as final and may be more or less than the original review.

The Fish Award

Exceptional restaurants can also receive the “Fish Award”. This comes in 3 tiers: Bronze, Silver & Gold. Silver and Gold awards require at least two visits.

Read more about The Fish Award here.

Important Notes

We are not affiliated with any of the restaurants that we review in any way. Our reviews aim to be reflective of the dish served to us. We review restaurants in a single sitting, although ratings may change if we revisit a venue.

All photos of dishes on this site are taken by our reviewers and are as they were served to us.

The above is the current review process, which we reserve the right to change at any time. Ratings & Awards will remain the same, unless otherwise stated, after changes in our reviewal process.