Our Story

Fish & Chips Reviews was founded in August 2022 as a quest to find the UK’s best Fish & Chips. We’re completely obsessed about the British classic and one day we thought why not share our thoughts about the dishes we taste with the world?

We’re the UK’s only dedicated Fish & Chips Reviews website and our sole purpose is to recommend the very best in Fish & Chips.

We consider several factors when rating establishments – quality, portion size, freshness and much more. We don’t rate each individual factor and there’s no secret algorithm to determine ratings – each dish is reviewed holistically by our Fish & Chips enthusiasts.

The Fish Award by Fish & Chips Reviews is our most prestigious award we give to establishments. Only the exceptional receive this award, much like a Michelin Star but for Fish & Chips. We publish our awards every September, however there is no quota to award. If there isn’t a deserving dish in a given year, we simply won’t give out any Fish Awards.

We’re completely independent and are not affiliated with any establishments that we review. We pay for every dish we review.

You can learn more about our reviewal process here.